Abundance Artisan Bakery in Lillooet

Abundance Artisan Bakery

Unit A 657 Main St, Lillooet, BC

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  • Providing connection through authentic baked goods made with local foods
  • Outstanding customer service and great taste experiences
  • Simple, local and fresh

Meet Craig & Dana Sibley

Craig & Dana Sibley is the owner of Abundance Artisan Bakery

Craig and Dana fell in love with the landscape of Lillooet in 2011 when they travelled to the area for a spontaneous anniversary camping trip. They liked Lillooet so much they invested in a property, spending a few years retreating to their property and visiting the community. Craig and Dana recently decided it was time to make the full-time move to Lillooet. Craig and Dana feel truly blessed to be part of Lillooet and believe their new community has a very bright future. “What we like most about our community is the down to earth people,” said Dana, “we have felt so welcomed and supported in Lillooet.”

Craig and Dana saw a need for a bakery in Lillooet and decided to step up and fill it. Together they opened Abundance Artisan Bakery in central Lillooet. Craig is a journeyman baker and professional artist. “Both of us have a love for good food and especially local, simple, fresh food which is the mandate we try to follow for our business,” said Dana. “Our favourite thing about being entrepreneurs is the creative process,” said Dana. They are both very creative people and the bakery business provides an outlet for their creative expression.

They are proud of their success in establishing a dynamic relationship to their community. Their bakery provides good quality baked goods, ensures excellent customer service and supports local food producers. “We keep our ingredients as simple as possible, organic when possible and local as much as we can,” said Dana. Together they are very passionate about community and are pleased to be providing a needed service and creating jobs for the local people. The bakery gives Craig and Dana a sense of purpose as well as the satisfaction knowing they are contributing to their community.

Authentic. Artistic. Fresh.

Abundance Artisan Bakery provides the best in fresh breads, pastries and savoury baked foods. Their bakery motto is, “Simple, Local, Fresh.” This artisan bakery believes in using simple ingredients that are as real and as local as possible. Their staff make every effort to ensure that customers are well-informed about their products and their ingredients. They are pleased to provide a connection to place through their authentic baked goods made with local, fresh and delicious ingredients.

Customers will feel satiated and satisfied with the variety of delicious baked goods at Abundance Artisan Bakery, such as yeast-free organic bread, pastries and savoury items. Abundance Artisan Bakery can provide timely and fresh catering for your meeting, casual get-together or celebration.

Abundance Artisan Bakery has a positive reputation for supporting local growers, providing great taste experiences and ensuring outstanding customer service.

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604-346-5925 Mobile
  • Monday to Saturday
  • 9:00am - 5:00 pm


  • Unit A 657 Main St
  • Lillooet, BC
  • V0K 1V0, Canada

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